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Где я могу ознакомиться с содержанием Курса Человека Силы?
Программу обучения (содержание Курса Человека Силы) для зинтересованных в обучении Вы можете почерпнуть начиная с переписки с Авторами Курса.
Почему возраст обучаемого должен быть старше 27 лет, и выдаете ли Вы документ о прохождении курса обучения?
Интересно, каким документом должно подтверждаться то, что человек справедлив, добр, порядочен? Что он не растеряется и не потеряется в жизненном водовороте, что он Может и Знает как помочь себе и близким? Что он просто волшебник и творец собственной судьбы, что он человек Силы? Как Вы думаете? Короче за документами – это не ко мне …. Почему старше 27 лет?  Все же, замечу, с каждым из Вас я работаю индивидуально. И подход к Вам тоже индивидуальный. Поэтому у меня обучаются люди и гораздо моложе этих 27 лет ... Это ограничение существует потому, что Вы должны иметь свой стержень в жизни. Чтобы Вы ЗНАЛИ, что такое Ваша совесть, честь, Душа. Чтобы Вы понимали, что Вы, изучая курс, занимаетесь собственным развитием, раскрытием себя для себя, чтобы понимали, что жизнь строится Вами, а не чудо-воспитателями, учеными, учителями и какими-то правилами. Что нет чудо-таблетки счастья, а есть Вы и есть мир вокруг Вас, чтобы Вы были уже не «Анной Карениной», бросающейся под паровоз и понимали значение слов Нет и Да. То есть Вы должны обладать устойчивой психикой и моралью своего сердца …. То есть, опираясь на опыт, можно сказать, что человек в возрасте до 27 лет просто не сформирован для работы над собой. Сказанное, кстати, относится и к вопросу о сотканности.
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News and Society:Religion Articles from EzineArticles.com
  • Zionism and Biblical Prophecy
    The ideology of Zionism, which provided the philosophical underpinning for the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, was not initially a religious movement. Whether or not Theodor Herzl was an Atheist, his writings display no interest in religion, and he certainly made no connection made between his vision for a new Jewish state and the activities of the Almighty. Modern defenders of the state of Israel though are far less reticent in their use of religious language.

  • Resistance Is Remembrance
    I want to thank the organisers of today's event for privileging me with an invitation to address you. At the same time though, a part of me wants to say 'thanks for nothing' as you guys must know that by speaking at events like this I run the risk of having myself censored and disciplined and sidelined! I do actually have a painful history of being targeted on account of the things I have said (either in writing or in speech) that are critical of the Israeli government.

  • Christians and Politics (Reza University, Mashad)
    Some thoughts on the relationship between Christianity and Politics. The relationship between the Christian faith and politics is not an easy topic for discussion, especially if we take our starting point from the Christian Scriptures - the New Testament. Whereas both the other 'religions of the book' (Judaism and Islam) saw their sacred texts emerge in contexts where the faithful were in positions of political authority, the New Testament was written at a time when the church was a persecuted minority with no political power.

  • A Passion to Tell, Even With a Sword Hanging Over Your Head
    I watched a Facebook film on how the disciples died. Peter was crucified upside down.

  • Godly Combat
    How are Believers to respond to the challenges that our society faces? What is the objective of the Believer when he is confronted by trials and conflicts? God has a plan and every Christian needs to be aware of His directional leading. Ignorance is no excuse for ineffectiveness.

  • Your Faith Also Strengthens Others
    Life is not just moonshine and roses. All of us experience this first hand and in person nearly every day of our lives.

  • Watch Out for the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
    When I was in the army, it was hard. I was part of the Mech Infantry Unit and big operations in which the enemy was attacked with a lot of force occurred regularly.

  • Life Happens
    Life happens all the time and not always with some light background music. When we look back over our lives, each of us has a story to tell.

  • The Power of the Holy Spirit in the World Today
    The Spirit continues to guide us and the church today. Our circumstances change daily thanks to new technologies and politics, but the Holy Spirit is ready to help us relate God's truth to new situations. In every new circumstance, the same Holy Spirit guides us to re-learn old, faithful truths and to apply those old truths in new and faithful ways.

  • Christianity and Classical Culture in Ancient Rome
    The relationship between Christianity and classical was in some respect similar and contradict which means that the essay will discuss the similarities and difference in context. The law of nature, respect of governance, statues and prediction of a saviour these factors shows that the relationship between Christianity and classical culture was similar which therefore can lead one to say that it was intertwined. However on the other hand contradictions also can be found between the classical culture and Christianity taking into consideration monotheism in Christianity contrary to polytheism in classical culture. Also the fact about how the world came to be that is creation of the world and also worship of emperors in classical culture which contradicts with Christianity. Therefore one need to note that the relationship was not an obvious guess but also help one to define Christianity today.

  • Prepared for Troubles
    Since I started writing about 1 Thessalonians, I've used the word 'hardship' quite a lot. Hardship and suffering was a reality in the lives of these new Christians.

  • Ireland Thinks About Abortion
    Many nations in the West offer abortion services in their healthcare programmes. One small country that has, so far, resisted the availability of State approved abortion services is the Republic of Ireland, where much of the pro-life stance flows from the once-dominant influence of the Roman Catholic Church. Now, as that old dominance has collapsed and as a popular secular humanism rises in its place, Irish legislators are holding a national Referendum aimed to secure the freedom to offer abortion services by a change in the Irish Constitution. Clearly, how we view the issues surrounding abortion demonstrate the character of a society.

  • The Vine and the Branches
    When is the last time we scanned the Scriptures in search of verses that we may have over looked, either intentionally or unintentionally? What about those Biblical salvoes that hit us between the eyes, but we glossed over them because it caused us to be uncomfortable?

  • Life Before Birth - Challenges Many Preconceptions
    Don't we love to hear promises of a better world, of greater peace, security and individual happiness? And then, for some women along comes an 'unwanted pregnancy'. And how dare a man write about such a subject! Well, my main goal here is to offer a sympathetic understanding of women who feel they cannot go ahead with their pregnancy and who are seriously considering an abortion, and how I square this with my pro-life beliefs. In doing so I have a challenge on my hands to explain why I am concerned not to make a woman's life more burdensome than it is already!

  • Absence of Muslims Leaderships in Heartland, India
    The way both side of leaderships involved in the Gujarat Assembly election (2017) reminded the peoples that how the Gujarat is important for both the side. But, my concern is that how Gujarat is different or similar from UP? Why new leaderships emerged in the Gujarat than UP? How both the state became suspicious for Muslims in shape of leadership?

  • Remember What God Has Taught You
    God wanted the Israelites to learn from their past, and He wants us to learn from our past as well. There is an old saying that "those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." If we don't learn from our mistakes, our past or our sins, we will repeat them.

  • Missing Others
    When I get to heaven, the first guy I want to make an appointment with is Paul. I have so much appreciation for this man - probably because I can see so much of myself in him.

  • Prepared to Suffer?
    In the period after Jesus, many, many people were saved. But it wasn't easy.

  • America Under Siege
    Satan has released an unparalleled attack against our country. Everything that this country was founded upon is under a well orchestrated assault. What should the Church do?

  • The Election Of Souls
    From before the church father Augustine till today there has been much ado about the how and why of election by God, predestination, foreknowledge and the like. Here I would llike to express a few thoughts of my own.

  • Never Try to Fulfil Ministry Without the Anointing and Equipping of the Holy Spirit - Never!
    Jesus, in his grace, gives the confirmation to those whom He has called and chosen. We can be called and chosen but it may be sometime before we are commissioned. The disciples having been called and chosen by Jesus had to wait until Pentecost when they were anointed with the power of the Holy Spirit - and that is when they were commissioned for the task of ministry. Never try to fulfil ministry with the equipping and anointing of the Holy Spirit. If God is sending you, then God is obviously confident that you are the person to get the job done.

  • In A Post-Christian Era - Remember
    Many societies, especially in the West, are getting used to the idea that Christianity is a thing of the past. The thought is, 'now we can breathe a huge sigh of relief as that old puritanical, churchy stuff and all that decrepit morality is ditched. Now we can get on with living our lives the way we want to.' Does it sound great, the way to make real progress, but have you considered where this is leading?

  • The Art of Christ's Crucifixion Is "Distasteful"
    For the past eight centuries, European paintings that depict Christ's crucifixion and modern movies about Jesus' life have traditionally portrayed our Lord as a nearly naked man registering no trace of pain or emotion. As a matter of fact, He looks like He's sleeping with his arms stretched out and his feet standing, (not hanging) on a cross. Many images show little or no blood "which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.

  • Too Used to the Things of God
    Life can so easily become routine. Things so easily become ordinary.

  • Christ's 9 Kingdom Keys for Conservative Born Again Christians: How To Worship God in Spirit & Truth
    A chance encounter with a remote Quaker family in need, leads to our discovery of a 320 year old method of worship that's not just different from modern worship, it's far more powerful. Years later, after I repent of my sinful ways, accept Jesus as savior, and experience a born-again spiritual awakening, God leads me to realize this Quaker form of worship, meditating in silence until someone receives a Word from God, is the true meaning behind Christ's words, "The true worshipers will worship the Father in Spirit and Truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and Truth." (John 4:23-24)

  • Return To The Lord: Part 2 - The Adulterous Bride
    It's Time To Stop Playing The Harlot - As mentioned in Return To The Lord: Part 1 ~ Jesus is Calling His Bride, this word was given to me by Wisdom to share with the Bride of Christ. Part two of this word comes directly from the Book of Hosea 2. In this book we find the love story of Christ for his Bride (the church) played out through the prophet Hosea and his adulterous wife Gomer. It shows us the unconditional love that the Lord has for us even when we leave Him and walk away to follow after other lovers. Although this topic may be considered controversial for some, it is still what the Lord is speaking to His Bride in this season.

  • Extracurricular Activities
    I am amazed at the number of Christians involved in extracurricular activities. One of those areas of involvement is politics.

  • I Thought The Cross Of Jesus Was Just Pieces Of Wood
    A lot of strange ideas about the cross Jesus was crucified on have grown up over time. Some of these honour and venerate religious crucifixes, while others, back in the medieval period, claimed to have small pieces of the actual cross as relics that were venerated with superstitious belief hoping this will help gain a place in heaven. There is no doubt that the cross as an emblem or symbol of the Christian Faith is widely recognised, but if it was only two pieces of wood formed into a cross, what's the big deal - why make so much of pieces of wood?

  • Understanding the Purpose of Singleness
    There is a need for us to learn what it means to be "single" so as to help us grow into better men and women in the society. What we see in our society today is that a lot of young folks leave life without a sense of direction, purpose and without the future in consideration.

  • Speculating On His Return
    I never cease to be amazed at the continual speculations as to when will be the culmination of life as we know it. What are the signs of the "end times?"

  • A Child Can't Be Religious
    As a boy I went to a Church of England school and this meant that there were occasions when I would have to go to church. Additionally, my father was a Christian and he was part of the church choir as a boy.

  • What Are The Illuminati Membership Requirements?
    For those that believe in the Illuminati order and may just want to know some basic requirements before joining up, we will see how. But first we need to talk about this group called the Illuminati, I'm not delving into whether it is real or fake, or whether they really do give riches or not. I'll try to present the facts and let you decide on your own.

  • Mosques Over 1,300 Years Old
    To peep into the history and to see the oldest mosques in the world by yourself, just pack your baggage and fly to the places given in the article. The experience would surely be enthralling and enriching.

  • To Meet the Author of the Bible
    Sometimes it feels as if there are as many opinions about the Bible as there are people on earth. People quote truths from the Bible that makes me wonder where they found it, because it is often the opposite of what I had read.

  • Return To The Lord: Part 1 - Jesus Is Calling His Bride
    Have there been times in your spiritual life when you feel so distant from God. It feels like you are walking in a dark place and all the doors of escape are locked shut before you. High walls are surrounding you and there is no way to go under, over or around. You find yourself at a spiritual standstill groping in the darkness for God's hand or searching for just a tiny ray of light to guide you out of this dark,dry and lonely place.

  • This World's Empty Glory - Too Negative
    These first few words come from an old Christian hymn, but they express a thought that I find challenging, and I wonder what you think of it, and how it may affect you. The words mean that this world's values, the wealth, success and popularity, the splendour of impressive possessions, mansions in sprawling country estates, and so on, are in fact an empty glory. Doesn't that sound rather negative? Is it all merely passing, superficial glitter, 'empty glory' that masks a worried mind and an empty heart, or are many possessions the key to life? How will we decide which it is?

  • Catholic Faith Met Its Waterloo in India
    Background The British ruled India for close to 200 years. Generally, it is accepted that the Battle of Plessey (1757) under Robert Clive which the British won, marks the start of British rule. By a policy of divide and rule, the British became the paramount power in the subcontinent.

  • Heavenly Power Verses Spiritual Power
    Acts 4:5-12 features a boldness characterized by the Holy Spirit, which shows up just in the time of need. The passage recalls the words of Jesus in Luke 12:11-12: "When they bring you before the synagogues, the rulers and the authorities, do not worry about how you are to defend yourselves or what you are to say, for the Holy Spirit will teach you that very hour what you ought to say." Both passages foresee how Jesus' followers will respond. For example, Peter is filled with the Holy Spirit in Acts 4:8 and answers in a way that Acts 4:13 calls "boldness".

  • How Can Jesus' Death Possibly Apply To People Today?
    Yes, I know where this question is coming from. If Jesus died around two thousand years ago, just how could his death have any relevance or meaning for people today, even to the point of influencing, or changing their lives - it seems way too remote, far too mystical to be of use to people today, I just don't get it?

  • Walk the Straight Path
    People keep a close eye on the children of God. When it looks as if they're deviating just one millimeter from the straight and narrow, people start lifting the finger to point it out.

  • The Stronghold Called Tradition
    A stronghold is a place of power, a stronghold is a fortress, a place of strength, a stronghold is a place that is difficult to attack and very easy to defend. No wonder the bible says though we walk in the flesh but do not war after the flesh for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but they are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. There is a stronghold know as tradition.

  • An Insight Into Religious Tolerance And Intolerance
    I may have to narrow this down to reasons, justification and human development gaps of either of the two. One maybe intolerant just because they have no new alternative to life as convincing as what they already know, and any new positions are threats to one's own, also perceived as having best explanation to life and determinant of existence. Any new, alternative view acts as a threat thus of other individual or group existence cannot be tolerated.

  • Piggyback Scriptures
    To stand on the Word, one must understand the context in which the Scripture is used. Many people claim a Scripture without fully grasping the intent of the presented Word.

  • I Thought Jesus' Cross Was Just A Religious Symbol
    After all, a necklace with small silver or gold cross is a very common form of religious jewellery. Mind you, it was probably more common in the past, and often worn as a lucky charm. As to the cross itself, it has long been the central symbol of the Christian Faith. But is this distinctive shape just an instantly recognisable symbol, or should we be looking beyond a visual symbol to a deeper meaning?

  • To Overflow With Love
    How strong is your love for other people? Do you really care for people who suffer?

  • Is Morality Subjective?
    After spending a quiet evening reading the book of Poverbs in the Christian Bible, I began to ask myself--- "Is it truly realistic to live up to these guidelines?" The next morning, I began to read, "The Prince", by Niccolo Machiavelli who seems to agree that morality is subjective. Society has etched these ideas in our hearts that murder, lying, cheating, and stealing are wrong or undesirable.

  • The Power of Prayer in Prophecy
    What is the most important item involved in both prophecy and God's plans? It is prayer, and there is a good example in Daniel 9:1-19. This passage took place on the Sabbath. Daniel read the scroll containing the prophecies of the prophet Jeremiah. As he read Jeremiah's words, he wept as he was reminded how God's people had ignored the prophet's warnings that the Israelites would be captured because they did not follow God's law.

  • Like a Mother
    Before Paul's conversion he was a thunder-and-lightning kind of guy. He rode roughshod over everything.

  • Roman Crucifixion: The Surprising Lack of Archaeological Evidence
    Crucifixion was a painfully slow method of execution practiced by the ancient Romans. It involved nailing or tying a victim's legs and arms to a wooden cross which was designed to induce maximum pain. Crucifixion was a widespread punishment throughout the Roman Empire from the 3rd century BC to the 3rd century AD.

  • Fuel for Your Actions
    What drives your actions? Why do you do things for others?

  • See God Working
    Today, we must see God working, and when we do, we must be ready to be the visible evidence of that action. It is time to reach out as we have seen Jesus do through the Gospels and start touching the hurting.

  • Our Doubt
    Picture the scene in John 20:19-31. All the disciples except Thomas are in a room behind locked doors at night. It was common for early Christians to meet at night. In times of persecution they were forbidden to meet during the day, so that had to meet at night. The disciples are scared. They saw their leader brutally killed, and they are afraid that they will also be killed. In more ways than one, the room and the situation are dark.

  • Top 10 Reasons for the Growing Popularity of Spirituality Without Religion
    Why are people saying "I love God but hate religion?" Does religion have anything to offer a society focused on personal fulfillment over corporate achievements?

  • The Christian Is God's Untouchable
    2 Timothy 2:19 - "But the firm foundation of (laid by) God stands, sure and unshaken, bearing this seal (inscription): The Lord knows those who are His, and, Let everyone who names [himself by] the name of the Lord give up all iniquity and stand aloof from it." Dear people of God, two days ago precisely Easter Sunday April 1, 2018, I heard a powerful testimony during our retreat in Church.

  • Spiritual Drought
    Just as our bodies need hydrating, so does our spirits. What determines our spiritual activity is the continual drinking from the "rivers of living water." (John 7:38) The problem is that our minds have the power to cap the well.

  • Just Why And How Did Jesus Die For Others?
    Easter is not the only time of the year to ask this question. What do you think of it; is it the most imponderable of all, or have you got it sorted? From fickle crowds, to hostile religious leaders, to a weak-willed Roman Governor, to a popular messianic movement that drew the increasing ire of the powerful religious elite because Jesus was working without a licence from them. And then there are Jesus' own reasons, because he knew beforehand, both the public scandalous nature of his death by Roman crucifixion, and the goal and purpose of his death - and that has to be the most central and vital issue of all.

  • The March for Our Lives and the Spiritual Renewal of America
    This article argues that the recent march for our lives was a key event in the spiritual renewal of a country riven by political and ideological disagreements. I see it as a call to recommit to the primacy of all life.

  • The Easter Miracle
    The passage from John 20:1-18 is the key point of our faith because it is about the Resurrection. Christ's resurrection is the basis of our faith. Without it: 1. The Gospel would be meaningless. 2. Forgiveness of sins would be hopeless. 3. Present life would be joyless. 4. Godly living would be fruitless. 5. Future life would be worthless.

  • March 25th Fertility Rituals and the Annunciation
    In ancient societies, such as Rome, men died on crosses to marry Mary, they supposedly resurrected 3 days later and it heralded a great festival of sexual pleasure. It was a major part of the Roman culture after it was brought to the region from Babylon, where it originated. There the sun was the Mother God whose name means 'mother's powerful eye'.

  • Who Does That?
    What religious group of people move to a country and demand the country change, not them? The answer is, Islam. Take a short read and see the audacity displayed across America each day as Muslims demand Americans change their way of living. No one is saying they aren't entitled to live the way they choose. The problem arises when they come to live in your country and demand we change. See the irony right here.

  • The Past and the Rest of Us
    We are currently on earth to settle scores from past experiences. The Internet is awash with so many stories of children who were able to recollect their past lives-either immediate and otherwise-and whose stories have been verified with astonishing accuracy. More Hollywood flicks are concentrating on the issue of afterlife, or life in the beyond, with its attendant possibility of reincarnation.

  • Why Babylon Is the Mother of Harlots
    Many read it but have no understanding of the meaning of the phrase. It is the only text in the bible that uses capital letters, which we know is a shouting form of correspondence. It is meant as a serious and most important message.

  • Easter Celebrates Babylon the Great and the Mother of Harlots
    Ignorance is truly bliss when it comes to religious festivals and their origins. While many will gorge on chocolate eggs or send their kids in pursuit of real eggs over Easter will they think of the reasoning behind it? How many connect the religious celebration to the fertility cults of the past?

  • Understanding Worship
    Worship is probably one of the most misunderstood words in the Christian vocabulary. What really constitutes worship? What is the difference between Worship and Praise?

  • Sexual Rituals Related to Easter
    In the Roman Empire such rituals reached a climax after the crucifixion of god-men and their supposed marriage to the Mother God, Mary. Orgies were staged in streets as females were taken by any who desired to release their sexual energy. Cakes were baked by old women and handed out to passers-by as part of the rituals.

  • Men Cannot Kill the Real God?
    Easter is a rigmarole of confusion and illogical thought that millions fall for without question. The human mind is a quagmire or bog, which, like quicksand, when something sinks deep enough into it retrieval is almost impossible. Over centuries of man's desire to know and understand who or what the Great Creator is he has produced nothing but fanciful and impossible notions, such as the Son of God.

  • Easter and the Menstrual Cycle
    How many have joined the dots between Easter and the menstrual cycle that precedes the fertility of the female? As a graduate in archaeology and anthropology, it was my research into the origin of religion that exposed it. From graves resembling wombs, the breasts that lined temples in ancient sites, and the pornographic sexual images in temples, the evidence unraveled into an act of sex and fertility following the death of males.

  • Give Thanks to God For Saving Us
    Have you ever wondered if there is a way to deal with life's circumstances? Well, there is. Give thanks. Try asking Jesus to help you be thankful today, no matter what your circumstances are. As your focus shifts from your circumstances to the Lord, your viewpoint will shift.

  • The Problem of Racism and the Repentance to Ponder
    I have always considered myself against racism. Then God showed me how racist I'm prone to be. I was shocked, then relieved. Can you identify?

  • A Look at Foot Washing
    The subject of foot washing and its relevance today has sparked countless numbers of articles written to help shed light on yet another area of Christian speculation. Jesus used the foot washing as an illustration of humility and servitude. Should it be practiced today?

  • If God Sent His Son, Then Who Is God?
    Christians and others who follow in the path of religious doctrine are simply incapable of logic, according to what they believe and put out. The idea that God sent his son to die for everyone's sins falls flat when you compare it to the other belief that the son is also the father. What, you might ask?

  • God's Pain On Display
    It can be felt everywhere. It's the anger and retaliation against a corrupt and misguided world of retards. Why are people suffering?

  • Religions Are Based on Fear
    A good salesman knows that to get an order one must generate fear related to what happens if the subject does not purchase. The old line of "well there is someone else waiting to take up the offer if you refuse it" usually works. The thought that another might benefit from one's refusal of an opportunity is behind all good business.

  • First Fruits In the Holy Bible
    Leviticus 19:23-25 "And when you come into the land and have planted all kinds of trees for food, then you shall count the fruit of them as inedible and forbidden to you for three years; it shall not be eaten. 24 In the fourth year ALL their fruit shall be holy for giving praise to the Lord. 25 But in the fifth year you may eat of the fruit [of the trees], that their produce may enrich you; I am the Lord your God."

  • All the Host of Heaven Is Doomed, Isaiah 34:4
    These are not my words but those of the Spirit of God which left this message in prophecy. The following questions are for those who believe in heaven and hell as places of eternal existence after death. Why would God promise to dissolve such places if they are real?

  • What Is So Special About Dakshinawarti Shankh?
    This article is all about Dakshinawati Shank, its benifites, importance, why it is used for pooja in Hindu Religion, etc. Hindu Scriptures mention Shankha (Shells) as a sacred and religious object that evokes the divinity.

  • The Reality Of Christ And Christianity
    So you have faith in Christianity and Christian theology (and therefore in the central figure of Jesus / Christ). How so, and why? Everything must be examined and questioned. Everything is grist for the mill. Nothing is sacred.

  • Who Are the Prophets of Jerusalem?
    The city of Jerusalem is the home of the three major religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Muslim. It is the place where the prophets Jesus Christ and Mohammed supposedly rose upwards to heaven. It's also where the Temple of the Mount was built and then destroyed.

  • Striking in Its Simplicity
    It upsets me when men of God mess up. They say and do what they want and it seems as if people follow them blindly.

  • He Must
    The success of Jesus' earthly ministry was His continual desire to follow God's leading. Jesus was so tuned into God that His actions were not selective, but directional with a sense of urgency. "I MUST!"

  • For God So Loved the World That He Sent His Son
    In the passage we heard from John's Gospel, Jesus states the reason why He came into the world. Jesus recalled God's remedy during the plague of poisonous serpents in Moses' day-healing those who looked on the bronze serpent-to foretell His death on the cross, where He would be lifted. Anyone who looks on Him in faith receives eternal life.

  • Spritual Groceries
    We often take great care to make sure we have the best foods to eat. We go and buy from stores we know and trust. In this article, we will discuss how this can affect our spiritual growth as well.

  • Intriguing Sexual Images in Temples
    While pornography is frowned on in most places the explicit sexual images in some temples, especially in India and Japan, make a mockery of women. The Japanese keep shells, such as the cowrie, as representative of the Mother God and the men are known to embrace them, even perform sexual acts with the. The Indian temples expose females as subjects of male sexual desires.

  • Why God in the New Testament (NT) Is Different to That of the Old Testament (OT)?
    Few can read the full bible and come to grips with the great contradictions within its pages, so why is that so. Promoted as being the Word of God and correct in every aspect there should not appear to be any discrepancy. Before becoming aware of it my new bible, purchased when just 16 years of age, sat in its box for some 30 years with the plastic cover still around it.

  • What Does "Drawn From the Breasts' Mean in Isaiah 28:9?
    Many struggle to read the Old Testament (OT) because of the enormous contradictions it poses with regards to the New Testament (NT). Only when the full extent of the deceit run by the religions was laid bare before my eyes did it become clear. This happened when the real God, the Spirit of the Universe, led me to study both books and, thereby, expose the full controversy.

  • The Stories Others Tell About You
    In the radio program Monitor on RSG politicians pay tribute to Van Zyl Slabbert, past leader of the PFP. Many people respected him.

  • Tongues As a Learned Behavior
    Anyone who wants to learn how to speak in tongues can do so. BUt none of these people are speaking in Biblical gifting, or the supernatural. Let me explain.

  • Do Not Doubt God's Word
    Ezekiel 12:26-28, "Again the word of the Lord came to me, saying, 27 Son of man, behold, they of the house of Israel say, The vision that [Ezekiel] sees is for many days to come, and he prophesies of the times that are far off. 28 Therefore say to them, Thus says the Lord God: There shall none of My Words be deferred any more, but the Word which I have spoken shall be performed, says the Lord God."

  • "Tongues" in 1820's England
    Edward Irving was a Presbyterian minister in London, being influenced by Alexander Scott and others. They had come to the conclusion that there must be miracles today and they began to fast and pray about it. Strangely, Irving, a very dynamic speaker, and a generally good man, was influenced greatly by Samuel Coleridge, a poet but not a Christian, with many false views.

  • When Our Prayer Seems To Go Unanswered
    I believe that one of the ingredients that is used to challenge faith is unanswered prayer. Satan sees the opportunity to inject a virus into our faith when he sees us struggling to have our prayers answered.

  • Tongues, a Sign to Unbelieving Israel
    The apostle Paul made it clear that the phenomenon of speaking in unlearned languages was a sign to the unbelieving Jew prophesied long ago by Isaiah. When the Jews lost their city in judgment in AD 70, there was no longer a need for this sign gift.

  • House-Cleaning the Temple
    What is the one thing many of you do at least once a year, especially in the spring? I bet most of you did some spring cleaning. Spring is a good time to give your house a good going over and clean everything up and get rid of a lot of junk that you don't need. Today I want to tell you about a time when Jesus did some spring cleaning. It was time for the annual Passover celebration, so Jesus traveled to Jerusalem. When He arrived, He went to the temple. He couldn't believe his eyes. There in the temple area he saw people who were selling cattle, sheep, and doves for the people to use as sacrifices in the temple. There were tables set up for money changers so that people could change their money to pay their temple taxes. It looked more like a carnival than a house of worship.

  • Not Compromising God's Creation
    The Christian church has evolved in my lifetime to where I don't even recognize what I grew up with. We are being asked to compromise God's creation and are accused of being hypocrites if we don't support it.

  • Can We Understand Satan's Thoughts?
    People have cringed at the thought of the power of Satan. Others deny his existence and still others make fun of him in all kinds of ways. If we ignore Satan, we do not see him coming. When we are overly concerned, he mesmerizes us.

  • Speaking in Tongues Today?
    Do people actually speak in unlearned languages in our day? Is regeneration really different from the filling of the Spirit? Why has the church divided over this?

  • Is Religion Like Climbing A Ladder Up To Heaven?
    Despite the advances of secularism, many people have had various kings of religions influences during their upbringing. And with an inevitable variety of beliefs, often people were given the idea that faithful adherence to their religion will gradually bring them higher, until at the end of life, each one can rest assured that they have done everything necessary to reach heaven itself. So, the big question is - is it really as straightforward a matter like climbing a ladder of faithfully observed religious practices? As this is a most vital subject, we shall need to be as clear as possible in our answer.

  • Mention of Satan As Bolon Yokte in the Maya Hieroglyphs
    Who was ancient Maya god Bolon Yokte? This god is associated with underworld Xibalba and also with the events of creation. Mayan believed that Bolon Yokte was present at the time of creation of human. Was Bolon Yokte in fact Satan himself?

  • Death Is the Wrong Word
    Most world religions teach that the end is death. Wrong! Born again is a better description.

  • Chosen, Loved and Special
    So often one comes up against the question: What am I actually doing here on earth? What is my purpose?

  • Max Weber on Capitalism
    Max Weber's The Protestant Ethic and additionally the Spirit of Capitalism is research on the connection between the values of the emergence and ascetic Protestantism of the spirit of contemporary capitalism. Weber argues that the religious opinions of groups like the Calvinists had a role in building the capitalistic spirit.

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